Mississippi Nightscapes - Night Landscape Photography by Tim Morgan (Shire Films)

Today's cameras capture light and detail that are not possible with the human eye. Follow Tim as as he captures the beauty of Mississippi at night. High resolution images of night landscape photography can be purchased as a canvas or print at the link below:


Heaven Over Ruins

These are the Windsor Ruins near Port Gibson, Mississippi.  What a sight to behold! I always loved coming here during the day, but something told me there'd be even more magic at night - I was not disappointed! Photo by Tim Morgan

Trails Over White Gold

When I think of Mississippi beauty, cotton season is always top on my list. These star trails add a magnificent touch to the white gold shining beneath them in the heart of the Mississippi Delta. As I look at those stars I am looking back into time, peering into the depths of Mississippi's heritage. Photo by Tim Morgan

Sunflower Glow

 The Milky Way Galaxy over a sunflower field about 20 miles north of Vicksburg, Mississippi. What appears to be a sunset is actually light pollution from Vicksburg. At first I was disappointed with my luck but after looking at the final image it sort of looks like a beautiful sunrise! Photo by Tim Morgan 

Big Black River Bridge

 A battle was fought here long ago, in 1863 at the Big Black River Bridge near Edwards, Mississippi. 

After suffering a defeat at Champion Hill, Lt. Gen. Pemberton of the Confederate Army pulled his troops back to the eastern front of the bridge where he was overrun again by Gen. Grant of the Union Army in what became the final battle before the Siege of Vicksburg. During the panic, many of the troops drowned in the river trying to flee Grant's army. It is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Being 28 miles outside of Jackson it's a great place to stargaze, however it was the most eeriest nightscape location I've visited yet. Bring bug spray and a friend, or go alone if you dare!

Rosemary Bridge, Hinds County


If you are looking for an adventure tonight, grab a friend and check out the old Rosemary Bridge in Hinds county near Terry, Byram, and Florence, Mississippi.

Bridge is only approachable from the East side and be prepared to climb a rinky-dink ladder to make it up. Walk slowly and watch out for holes in the bridge as well. Once you make it up, take a seat and enjoy the view!

More Photos Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for more photos of the night sky in Mississippi! If you have a location you think I should check out, send me a message! tim@shirefilms.com 

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